Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maker Faire 2012

Our WALL-E appeared before thousands of visitors at Maker Faire Bay Area, and lots of people fell in love with him! Especially the little kids. It was great to see the joy on the faces of so many people of all ages.

 Loading up the two "babies" to head home.

 Mike tries out a motorized chair

 Mike McMaster, Matthew, and Mike Senna

 People take a few last photos of WALL-E on his way out to the parking lot

 WALL-E and Mo, made by Matthew

 WALL-E on left was made by Mike McMaster, on right by Mike Senna

 Lots of kids were waving at WALL-E, and he waved back!

 Men at work

 This strolling robot played music

 A Dalek came to meet WALL-E

 Mike removed the body from his 2nd WALL-E so people could see inside

Matthew and the Eve he made