Tuesday, August 7, 2012

WALL-E's gone viral!

Worldwide media interest and traffic to this blog has gone crazy as a result of its mention on Yahoo's Yo Show, which was posted to the Yahoo main page August 2. At one point our blog was getting about a view a minute. The video has been re-posted widely & continues to spread around the world. We've seen it in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, German, Japanese, Israeli & Macedonian. We've been contacted by reporters in the US, UK, France & Australia. WALL-E has been invited to NY City, Nova Scotia & India. Our blog is averaging 2,600+ views/day, and Mike's most recent YouTube video has 60,000+ views, while his friend Mike McMaster's video has reached 168,000+ views. We've gotten 35 glowing emailed fan letters. It's been a wild ride & a very interesting week! Just Google "Senna Walle"... you'll see!